Monday, 21 November 2011

The Truth About Teacup Puppies

Recently a friend of mine got herself a teacup poodle but she immediately realizes that there is something really wrong. By now, her 4 months old puppy should be able to feed on solid food but she still relies on syringe feeding. She does not know how to eat or neither does she have any appetite!! My friend has to be extra careful while feeding her. Only a small amount of food through the syringe was fed every day because feeding a tiny bit extra will make her puppy vomit. Poor puppy is walking wobbly and couldn’t even lift up her tiny head. She looks really weak and fragile.  So we decided to do some research and ask some experts around.

Teacup puppy does not exist. They are PREMATURE & MALNOURISHED PUPPIES!!  These puppies usually weigh at the range of 2-4 pounds compared to the standard toy group that weigh around 5-7 pounds. Unscrupulous breeder will sell them for a higher price to people who aren’t knowledgeable enough to know that the “Teacups” are not a breed. These puppies have many health issues and may also have genetic and congenital disorder causing them to not live more than a few years.

Premature and Malnourished Puppies (How did it happen?)
Most females are bred on the 9th through 15th day of their heat cycle which means one puppy can be conceived up to one week later in the same litter. (For example : the first puppies were fertilized on the 9th and the second puppies were fertilize on the 15th )This also explains why it can have multiple fathers if more than one male has bred with the female dog.  

Premature puppies can also happen when a fetus has a poor placenta implant in the uterus that didn’t have sufficient blood supply. Thus, a malnourished puppy in the womb and will be born premature.

What should i do if i have a premature puppy?
Be prepared that a premature puppy will not survive without human help. It needs extra time and medical care. Pay tons of attention on health problems and nutrition. Do not let children handle the puppies because they have weak bones that are fragile. The most common problem that they have is an open fontanel (the top skull remain partly soft and separated) and heart murmur (abnormal heart beating sound). It is nothing to worry about as most puppies with these defects can still live healthy.



  1. thank you for posting this!!!

  2. can your friend contact us? where did she buy the poodle? can she send us pictures? thank you.

  3. The cutie is taken good care by my friend :)
    from a local breeder as according to her, unsure of the origin. Yea of coz, will ask her for the photo. :)